Our Work

Each client is unique and we treat them as such. The Podcast Store tailor-makes your podcast to your needs, using a variety of production and presentation skills. Here is a selection to give you an idea of the different styles, although you can of course, create your own!​
As a multi-faceted growing brand, LIGHTERLIFE wanted to reach a whole new audience and clearly explain what LighterLife is all about and how it works. Our solution was to create a monthly magazine-style themed podcast, including interviews with LighterLife counsellors and real-life clients. It also features tips and advice from experts on how to lose weight on the programme, as well as using competitions to gain feedback from the client base. Not only has it been a successful marketing tool, it has also now become a core part of the support offered to clients. LighterLife also use podcasting internally to communicate valuable techniques and information to help their counsellors.

AMERICAN EXPRESS use podcasting as part of their email marketing to American Express card members. In a bid to add value to their Preferred Seating Programme, they commissioned The Podcast Store to produce a monthly entertainment podcast. We created a pacy, informative and topical 10 minute podcast featuring movie premieres, Cardmember events and offers, as well as a vast array of Preferred Seating artists. The podcast is distributed via the Preferred Seating eNewsletter, offering Cardmembers a fun alternative way of getting information.